She loves pantyhose

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Pantyhose — or stockings or nylons or tights, which are not exactly the same things but are often used interchangeably — are one of those items of dress that seems innocuous and unimportant, but is actually a giant generational, occupational and cultural lightning rod. For women of a certain age, they are simply a part of girding yourself for the world; for others, they are a symbol of old-fashioned female repression and outmoded gender rules.

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Indeed, if you ever want to start a lively discussion during a lull in a dinner party, bring up the question of pantyhose. Even when they are invisible or skin-tone, no one is neutral on the subject. Simply consider, if you will, the case of Megan Markle.

The internet freaked outwith numerous viewers seeing in the tights a that she was being stifled, just as her legs were stifled. Indeed, there were lots of rumors that tights were royal protocolin part because the Duchess of Cambridge, like her grandmother-in-law, always wears them. Yet a few months after the tights appearance, Ms. Markle put an end to the talk, attending a charity performance in a tuxedo minidress and … no hose! Revolutioncheered the watching hordes.

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Whatever the truth of the royal issue, the import was pretty clear: Stockings are not modern. And indeed, even before remote work became a reality for many of us, most offices had abandoned the requirement spoken or not for pantyhose at work.

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The exception being flight attendants. That said, deers love to reinvent and reassess ly rejected garments, so right on cue stockings have been on the rise in a variety of collections. Virginie Viard put sheer polka-dot versions on her runway for fall ; they were there at Saint Laurent in lace; and this week Kim Jones showed a sheer black pair at his Fendi show.

But understand what messages the outside world may read into your choice. If you do choose to go with the hose, some brands to consider include Hipstick and Commandoboth favorites of the Hollywood crowd. Yes, there is a lot of hosiery on the red carpet.

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Nubian Skin offers a variety of shades that actually work for the actual variety of skins. Finally, on the more affordable end of the scale, there is Haneswhich is a top-seller on Amazon. And know this: The sheer nylons and tights segment of the global hosiery market is predicted to grow by 2.

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So whatever the politics, pantyhose are not going away. Questions are edited and condensed. My daughter is getting married this spring. It will be a small daytime wedding in a park. I bought a knee-length wrap dress and neutral-colored low heels to wear, and though I have not bought or worn stockings in decades, I feel as if I should wear them with this outfit. My daughter is horrified and plans to go barelegged under her knee-length wedding dress. Some guidance, please.

She loves pantyhose

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Does Anyone Wear Pantyhose Anymore?