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This app is special in a unique way—the user can send pictures and videos from one device to the other and set a time limit for the pictures to be viewed. The recipient cannot save the picture, unless he is quick enough to save it as a screenshot. However, a recent outburst of nude pictures and videos from Snapchat users has leaked out on the internet. These images could not have been leaked by a bunch few users, and that too of unknown senders.

The nude pictures of thousands of Snapchat users were intercepted from a third-party server, which was leaked out later. Snapchat claims that the servers were not hacked or breached and they never save any pictures or videos of their customers.

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They also claim that users who used third-party apps to send messages via Snapchat are the ones who could be behind the crime. Users who access the Snapchat services using a third-party app and not the official Snapchat app got their images and videos intercepted. According to BBC, many Snapchat users are aged between 13 and 17, and child pornography is a major concern here.

The hackers had posted the images online, which were taken down. Hovever, they have threatened to post thousands more images. The report further stated a Business Insider reporter claiming that the hackers boasted of having around 13 gigabytes worth of nude pictures and videos that they have intercepted over the years.

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The leak comes in as another disturbing dark side of the internet with regards to security and privacy issues. Click on Deccan Chronicle Technology and Science for the latest news and reviews. Follow us on FacebookTwitter. We have updated our Privacy and Cookie Policy.

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TechnologyMobiles and Tabs. Updated Mar 30,pm IST. Representative picture.

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