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Are you the unhappy owner of an unwanted dick pic? There are a few next steps for you to choose from, ranging from ridicule to revenge. Last month I received a Facebook message from a man twice my age with whom I had not had any contact since we worked together five years ago. I sort of felt like crying. Instead I cast it back into the hellfire of my message requests inbox — but not before taking a screenshot and sharing it with our former mutual colleagues.

Disgust shared is disgust halved, like smelling something so awful you have no option but to press it upon others.

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Why I chose this morning to empty my "other Facebook inbox" is beyond me. In an episode of This American Life, the Australian journalist Eleanor Gordon Smith confronted her catcallers in Kings Cross in Sydney and found that most thought women enjoyed the attention. The excellent DTR podcastproduced by Tinder for Gimlet, found the same thing in its deep-dive into the sending of unrequested dick pics: an inexplicably common practice with uncertain goals.

I just got an awkward DM where a guy politely asked if I wanna be his dick pic girl.

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I guess chivalry isn't dead. Even so, no deal. A psychology professor at Harvard University attempted to unpick the thre of the practice in a blog post. He said it could be motivated by exhibitionism, or cognitive biases evolved to help with reproduction. My sister has one Snapchat correspondent who sends her only dick pics.

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One such conversation prompted her to reply to the sender with a clip almost cinematic in its execution: an opening shot of what appeared to be her reciprocating with a sexy selfie, before panning to show a long line of her workmates, each making a lascivious gesture.

Of course there are other strategies — like block, mute, report — but when they are in most cases woefully inadequate, you can forgive women for getting creative. I'm just going to leave this here for anyone who is thinking about sending an unsolicited dick pic Can't even send a dick pic in peace anymore without getting screenshot. For serious instances, such as threats of rape and violence, publishing the messages with their author attributed can actually jeopardise your chances of getting action through the courts — still the best system we have snapchat penis pictures dealing with online abusers.

None of it is acceptable, of course, but there are varying degrees of harm. To someone else, it might feel much worse. When someone sends an unwanted dick pic pic.

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Reporting to the platform may not seem like it achieves much, but it at least flags the problem and hopefully puts pressure on the moderators to take it seriously. Why not respond to your correspondent with a flurry of the most pathetic Trash Dove stickersor a patronising thumbs-up? Keyboard worrier Social media. I've been sent an unsolicited photo of a penis.

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How do I respond? Elle Hunt. Fri 3 Mar How do I respond to creeps on social media? Am I using this emoji right, or did I accidentally just sext someone? .

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PKGway February 6, How do I turn a social media crush into a date? Reuse this content.

Snapchat penis pictures

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