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This is the article I never wanted to write. I have also heard from far too many submissives about their scary experiences with bad doms. A fake dom can range from a sleazy person or oblivious newbie, to a severely abusive individual. This article will also help Doms who want to avoid bad dominant traits, and gain the trust of their submissive.

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I am also fully aware that there are a lot of bad subs out there too, and many of these points can correspond to them as well. As always, all of my articles apply to both female Dommes and male submissives. To me, this is the biggest indicator if a Dom is ready to have a sub. A Dominant needs to have their life together and be responsible. Then they can be responsible for someone else. A real Dom though, even a new Dom, will see this lifestyle as a whole lot of work on their part. So is a Dominant referring to themselves as Daddy or Master and expecting the other person to use those sub looking for dom too.

When in doubt, ask permission first. Polyamorous relationships are a lot of work and should not be taking lightly. They may use the lifestyle as an excuse to sleep around. A Dom needs to prove they can take care of one sub before they expect to take another. For example, they may really want to come visit, but need money for the plane ticket first.

Lying or cheating are childish traits and not s of someone with maturity and self-control. A real Dom is more concerned about giving than receiving though. They may say they have tried telling their partner they are unhappy, but have they told their partner they are so unhappy that they have started cheating?

A fake Dom avoids facing responsibility for their actions, and it will be very hard for a sub to trust a dom who lies or cheats. They may not even know what any of these terms involve. This is disregarding the foundation of BDSM, that everything be safe, sane, and consensual. Every new relationship should at least have a discussion of the basics, and every sub has the right to speak up. This is probably the most common red flag. A fake dom may seem only interested in sex, or focus mostly on sexual training. They may ask for nudes or sexual tasks right from the beginning for the sub to prove their worthiness.

Other warning s that the dom is only interested in getting their sexual needs fulfilled are if they give little or no aftercare. This can happen even in vanilla relationships and is a of abuse. A sub should also never be made to be fearful to use their safewords, and discipline and punishments should never be given out of uncontrolled anger.

To make it easier for you to know how to spot a fake Dom, I created this graphic. Feel free to share it to encourage others to know the s of a fake dom vs real Dom. Unfortunately there are a lot of fake or bad doms out there, but the good news is that there a lot of real Doms too.

I hope the biggest take away you get from this article is to use your instincts and trust your intuition. And Dominants, know that being in this role is a big responsibility, and commit to being a good example for others in the community. Please click the social icons below to share this articleand together we can start a healthy discussion and promote awareness.

I have experience already and was scammed out by few girls while saying they are mistresses and they own me but when I started refusing to send them money then they sub looking for dom up. Each one I was contacted they asked first for training payment and after I sent the first payment they ordered me to get naked on my knees and send them the picture and of course after that came orders and tasks to send them money and gift cards. At least now you know, and can use it as a learning experience to help you find a real Mistress.

Great topic! Here are some differences as I see it:. Domineering: Arrogant, defensive, childish, threatens, loud, angry, arbitrary, overbearing, subjugate others. A good Dom is confident, has nothing to prove, comforts, is subtle, controlled, thoughtful, inspirational, and elevate others. They demonstrate empathy, maturity, self-assurance, assertiveness, conscientiousness, emotional stability, and consistency.

And just as there is more than one way to submit, there is more than one way to be a Dom. The key is for both people to form their own dynamic that works to fulfill the submissive mindset of the sub and the dominant mindset of the Dom. Just for example: 3 days ago we were talking and I had to go for some reason and so I asked him if he wanted to continue now or later with the conversation because I know he likes to work before it gets too hot outside and he took it that I was displeasing him or ignoring him.

He tells me I can tell him anything but when I do I get punished or reprimanded and treated like. We have an unusually relationship. But I would definitely trust your instincts on this. I think that is an excellent supplemental comparison, Jenny! I am new to this, and am thankful my DOM is very kind to me. He is all the things you mention a good DOM is to be. The last one was extremely manipulative, used interrogation techniques and sub looking for dom to get what he wanted, and ultimately went too far.

I found both my situation and myself unrecognizable.

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Fortunately I shut it down after a few interactions, but my newbie eagerness and yearn to obey got the better of me. Thank you, Alessandra, for writing this in such a clear and succinct manner. All my love to you, your resilience, and your understanding. Especially when they are being presented with an opportunity to gain a new sub? Hi Jean! That is a very common question of those in the lifestyle, and real Doms are usually eager to answer. Are you saying that because the Dom in your scenario, i.

Are you saying that financial status is a prerequisite to be a Dominant, male or female?

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The point of a Dom supporting a sub is that, even if they make less than their sub, they are still in their dominant role. They can allow their sub to work, to handle the bills, etc.

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Those are qualities of a good, supportive Dom, whether they are the bread winner or not. But the article was talking about a fake dom, who uses their sub for money. I have been in the lifestyle a long time. When first chatting with a potential, I am always polite and open. Thank you so much for your comments, John. You are setting an awesome example for other Doms, and helping to protect our community. John — Is it possible to clone You and deliver You to my address?! Thank You for being true to Your art. I have been in 2 long term relationships in my life. The first one was an abusive one with a clinical narcissist.

And even though I am a masochist, I did not in any way enjoy the pain he inflicted. As a result my needs were not met and I finally got up the strength to leave. Fast forward three years and I am now with a true Dom. We thoroughly discuss what our relationship entails and what is expected of each of us. What is interesting is that a lot of what I enjoy with my Dom is what my former abuser tried to force me to do.

Very well put, Stephanie. It really is about trust and the emotional connection. Thanks for this very important information. I shall continue to. This has prepared me for the difference between the two and now I know what to avoid. Though I think with the way I am I would have been pretty hard to attract.

Had a hook up over the summer with a girl I met while working in a shop, we got chatting, we had both been in relationships before, my relationship had been romantic, but anything sexual, I was definitely a sub, which was what I wanted, but the other person had been in a relationship with someone they felt was a narcissist, who had never allowed them to be a Dom, we then met up the next day and eventually decided to have sex so they could see what it was like to be a Dom properly. I say this because you are respected, cared for, cherished, and loved by a Dom who does everything he can to show it.

However, I would advise domestic abuse survivors to stay single for an appropriate amount of time in order to heal from their experience and to get to know themselves again, so that when they are ready they have a better idea of what they need from their partner, rather than what they want. Trauma therapy with a trained trauma therapist is necessary, especially in cases of PTSD.

I was raised with abusive step-parents and grew up to be attracted to abusers because of my upbringing. Abuse is not. Therapy can be a helpful tool for many, but not all. Far a the terms and set rules and guidelines. She introduced me to the bdsm site were on now and immediately I noticed the difference between fake and real doms.

I see immediately the dudes just looking to get some easy sex. Yes, unfortunately sub looking for dom are a lot of fake Doms lurking on other sites. Thank you so much for all of the information you are providing. This article especially! I am a newbie and was approached by a fake Dom and was able to quickly identify and run the other way when he exhibited many of sub looking for dom traits. Thanks for any help.

Hi Jason! A great piece! There was a time he used to write me task lists but every task was something domestic, clean this, clean that, tidy this etc. Only a few days ago I called him up because he argues that running the dishwasher is doing his share of the chores. Thank you again for helping me see things as they are!

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What it really means to be in a dominant/submissive relationship