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Register Now - It's Free! Go to Been playing with this for about 18 months. Delicious torture. Last edited by redheadedtxn : at PM. Reason: update to OP. Master has been doing a lot more edge play with me since Love it! Recently I suffered thru a 2 week period of no-cums. I was actually Daily edging; constant teasing, almost there, then "NO! I was in a constant state of intense sexual buzz.

I won't be taking those orgasms for granted ever again. Yet at the same time I would love to do that again. FantasySlut is offline. After constantly denying myself, there is nothing sweeter than to finally enjoy the release of the emotions and sensations that have built up over the time I've teased and denied myself. I do this quite often. Very yummmmy.

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Sensualdreamer is offline. Ummm how the hell is this even possible?! I mean I've tried to control mine and well yeah it doesn't happen Breathtaking voiceand the mind that makes a man weak in his knees Originally Posted by tolyk. What's there to say?

She's already been called all the bad stuff, and none of it's true.

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She's exactly the opposite of what the divas call ed her. She's not a bully, but she's no pushover either. She's a thoughtful, caring individual with strength and conviction. It's wonderful to know her. Further questions on PMs, Yahoo chat, etc. My Hotlanta kink score: Find More Posts by Sensualdreamer. Originally Posted by Sensualdreamer. PenIsMightier1 is offline. I have trained my girl well, she can't orgasm without my permission. Now usually I give her permission without building it up too much, but when I'm feeling a bit more sadistic than usual I like to make her try and cum without my permission, and it is delicious watching her try.

And when she is being punished I withhold her orgasms completely.

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The pen is mightier than the sword, but the sword has a longer reach. Originally Posted by PenIsMightier1. Originally Posted by redheadedtxn. I think you went to the same Master School as mine did. My life is a state of constant denial I will go for days with out finishing. Mostly self inflicted, but many times as a result of not wanting to deal with the clean-up.

Never knew that people actively sought out this feeling for my pics. Find More Posts by zumpkin. Originally Posted by zumpkin. Perhaps I am addicted to my own endorphines and walk around high on my own chemistry all the time. My cock is constantly dripping pre-cum always at halfmast, ready for action. The sad part, I'm so in tune with myself that others never seem to get it right.

Surreal is offline. While I'm as sadistic as to hold a woman off for weeks. But ever since I started fucking, I was a big fan of holding off a woman's orgasm just to make them more intense. It's like telling a good story.

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You build and rebuild. There's also an intense feeling of power and making a woman beg whille watching her pussy involuntarily drip in antici Find More Posts by Surreal How long has this area been here and how come I didn't know about it??? I've got to do a better job of keeping up with such things.

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I love orgasm denial almost as much as I love orgasms. Something about the frustration and the tension le to an unbelievable release. I've found myself resisting my tormentor, asking why he wouldn't let me cum, begging, pleading, crying In that moment of needing to cum I'm incoherent and restless and angry, but as soon as it's over, I'm glad he maintained control. Originally Posted by jenniferbaby. Then again she's the perfect partner for me, she's like a kink doll.

Whatever fetishes I have she picks up and makes them hers.

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NCfunguy is offline. I've experimented a little with orgasm denial games and find it incredibly exciting, I love watching a woman squirm, plead and beg and watching the look of gratitude in her eyes when I finally let her cum. I really want to find a girl who wants to experiment with this more. I was taking a LIT break when I ran into this thread I couldn't resist!!! I am neither Master or Slave, rather I can be either,or both, when called upon.

I discovered this fetish long ago but was re-introduced a couple years ago and have found it insanely exciting, the release when I do cum is so hard it borders violence. I touch on this subject in most of my stories and some poems too Originally Posted by FantasySlut. Originally Posted by spankableBelle. This is such a delicious, torturous, angst-filled, frustrating, blissful feeling Giving yourself over to the control I used to hate the denial, but have grown to love it, even crave it.

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It is cruel and mean, but can be so very rewarding in the end. Orgasm denial was tried on me and in the long term it doesn't work.

Teasing and denial forum

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tease and denial