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Shares of Trade my snap NYSE:SNAPthe parent company of Snapchat, recently slipped after the company followed up its strong fourth-quarter earnings report with mixed guidance for the year ahead. Those s look great, but Snap's guidance was mixed. It also warned that some companies paused their ad purchases for two weeks after the Capitol riot in January, and that Apple 's upcoming privacy changes in iOS 14 could impact its growth.

Those near-term concerns spooked the bulls, but I believe Snap remains a great long-term buy, for 10 simple reasons. Snapchat is also gaining momentum overseas. Snap doesn't disclosed its user growth in each country, but it's repeatedly cited India -- which banned TikTok last year -- as a major growth market. Facebook also faces antitrust pressure and calls to spin off WhatsApp and Instagram into separate businesses.

All that chaos could send more users and advertisers to other social media networks like Snapchat and Pinterestwhich are both better insulated from those political and regulatory headwinds. Over million DAUs use Snap's AR features, which include its filters, label-scanning tools, and landmark-enhancement tools. That ecosystem is self-sufficient and growing, since it encourages users and advertisers to create their own AR tools with its Snap Kit.

Snap launched Snap Games, a platform for in-app video gamesnearly two years ago. Last June, Snap declared that over million users have played its games -- and that likely rose throughout the pandemic as developers rolled out more games.

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The growth of that ecosystem, which encourages users to play as their own Bitmojis and socialize with other users, could further boost its ARPU. Snap's eCPM is rising because it's selling a higher mix of pricier video. That growth indicates Snap still enjoys plenty of pricing power against Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms, since advertisers still covet its loyal base of Gen Z and millennial users.

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Trade my snap

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