Ugly girl fetish

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That's the only way I can explain it.

I mean, all my girlfriends are butt ugly, but I'm extremely good looking! Why are all the girls I settle for so eye-gougingly unattractive?

Am I trying to look for a woman like my mother, you think? Anyone know what time it is? I think it's about a quarter past a lock. That is pretty weird, I bet all the girl friends you had are pissed at you, as you say they are butt ugly. It's no bad thing having a girl that would not be considered attractive by a majority of men, if she is fantastic in the bedroom :P. It's said that such women do work a lot harder there Butt ugly? They say subconsciously you tend to go for girls that you would rate in attractiveness at about the same as yourself.

The TC must now post a pic of himself.

Post some pic's if you expect us to judge you and your girlfriends I dunno, it kinda sounds like a problem man. Why don't you just date someone that looks like your sister? You said you'd like to see her do porn, after all.

Perhaps you go for unattractive girls because you know you're good looking and you know that you can do better and they know you can too; giving you the 1-up in the relationship. If that's the case, you're a douche.

Pics are required to figure out if you are: A. An arrogant butt ugly douche B. A and B. How ugly is butt-ugly? Pics please. Then I'll comment.

I've dated some women that didn't look great in the face but had a nice rack, so I wouldn't put them in the butt ugly department. I tried dating an ugly girl.

She was extremely smart, a published author, beyond nice and great in bed. Still didn't work. Edit: Face ugly, not body ugly. She had powerful assets at both tropics. If you are speaking the truth, your point also proves the theory that unattractive girls are subconsciously attracted to assholes.

Or is it that you are subconsciously attracted to subconsciously attractive girls? Think about it. Please Log In to post.

What, am I wrong?! Yeah, I have the same problem, but opposite. I'm fuck ugly, but really attracted to beautiful girls. Bring back the main forum list. Use your keyboard!

Ugly girl fetish

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ugly girl fetish, thoughts?