Wet and messy fetishism

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Apr Posted by drmarkgriffiths. She runs her finger through the frosting. Then after slowly licking it off, she turns around suddenly and sits on the cake. Cake sitting is a simple pursuit. A woman, clothed or not, walks up to a cake, and then sits on it.

As you might expect, cake sitting porn is typically a video, sometimes completely innocuous and perfectly suitable for the stuffy YouTube standards. Following the publication of the tape by the New York Post, Passias was suspended for having the affair with Bouzalaz. Father Passias who was married at the time was having an affair with Bouzalas, his assistant and a parish-school principal. They had allegedly been having an affair for years and it was Passias who baptized Bouzalaz just before her wedding. According to an article in GQ :. According to the online Urban Dictionarycake-sitting is:.

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While it shares some similarities with cake fart fetishism, cake sitting does NOT necessarily involve passing of wind or a deliberate discharge of any other bodily fluids into said cake. The article reported:.

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One of the first calls [they] got was an inquiry about whether we catered for splosh parties co-founder Sam Bompas. She was reported as saying:. It falls under the more broad type of fetish known as wet and messy play, or W. Those who enjoy cake-sitting, which is a subcategory of sploshing, specifically use cakes and other types of desserts in their sensation play. Also, the surprisingly satisfying sound of a bum squashing a meringue is one sound I never thought I would come across, nor will I ever forget.

However, cake-sitting was not specifically mentioned.

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Coughlin, S. Refinery 29, November Courtois, C. The sexy fetish of cake sitting. IX Daily, November Gates, K. Deviant Desires: Incredibly Strange Sex. Moore, J. GQ, October 5. New York Post October 6. Weiss, S. Bustle, December 2. Wet and messy fetishism. Mar 7. In a blog I briefly examined sitophiliaa sexual paraphilia in which the individual has an erotic attraction to and derives sexual arousal from food.

In that blog I noted that there has long been an association between eating and sexual behaviour on many different levels. More specifically, I noted:. Many would also agree that eating in and of itself can be a sensual activity. There are also some foods that are considered to be aphrodisiacs.

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For example, foodstuffs such as oysters and chocolate are considered to have aphrodisiac properties even if there is a lack of empirical evidence. Almost every article about fruit fetishes on the Internet mentions the fact that some types of fruit most noticeably bananas can be used as a dildo substitute for both men and women and used both anally and vaginally.

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Other foods are so constituted that they can be sexually penetrated by a male… Francesco Morackinian Austrian deer and artist, deed and created the first home Dildo Maker. It allows phallic food to be sculpted into an even more phallic shape for easier insertion… Other fruits are so constituted that they can be sexually penetrated by a male, if an appropriate hole is drilled in them.

There are numerous references to sexual experiences involving fruit in popular culture. In the scene set in Rome, the taxicab driver Gino played by Roberto Benigni confesses to his passenger who happens to be a priest played by Paolo Bonacelli of having had sex with a pumpkin as and before you all me at once, pumpkins are fruits not vegetables. In the film, Gino confesses:. With pumpkins.

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As you can probably guess, there is almost nothing in the academic literature on fruit fetishism. Another resident in the program suffered from Phallic Fruit Fetish or PFF and had a persistent desire to commit sexual acts with phallic shaped fruits. The problem was alleviated when all phallic shaped fruits were removed from the facility. Academically there are well over papers and chapters on the topic of rectal foreign bodies and the list of objects and items that have wet and messy fetishism removed by doctors is almost as long as the of papers.

Many of these report the removal of fruit stuck in rectums bananas and apples. Other papers report cucumbers as rectal foreign bodies but reported as vegetables, but like pumpkins are actually fruits. My blog on rectal foreign bodies also provided a long list of items that had been medically removed from the rectum including drink containers e. In a review by Dr. Joel Goldberg and Dr. Breaking up the fruit appears to be an obvious method for retrieving rectal foreign bodies but a paper by Dr.

They wrote about the case of a radish being stuck inside the rectum of a year old male. They reported:. Rectal foreign bodies need to be removed without giving damage to intestinal wall and this should be done in the easiest possible way.

We have reported a new and a simple technique. It is easy to apply and safe. A patient was admitted to our clinic with a rectal foreign body radish which was successfully removed by cutting it into small pieces. Aras, A. A new and simple extraction technique for rectal foreign bodies: removing by cutting into small pieces. Surgical Techniques Development4 1 Barone, J. Perforations and foreign bodies of the rectum: report of 28 cases.

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Annals of Surgery5 Goldberg, J. Rectal foreign bodies. Surgical Clinics of North America90 1 Memon, J. Gomal Journal of Medical Sciences6 1 Food play. In a blog, I briefly looked at salirophilia — sometimes called saliromania — a sexual paraphilia in which individuals experience sexual arousal from soiling or disheveling the object of their desire typically an attractive person.

Bernard Bertola, who taught for nearly 20 years at Hipperholme and Lightcliffe High School, was found guilty of unacceptable professional conduct by the General Teaching Council. He was given a two-year conditional registration order, which means he can remain on the register of teachers but must adhere to conditions.

Food fetishes and paraphilias i. However, there are clearly behavioural and possibly psychological overlaps between the two fetishistic behaviours. As far as I am aware, there has been no empirical or clinical research published concerning WAM fetishes. An important thing to note in relation to WAM fetishes is that they do not involve wet and messy fetishism fluids as such bodily substances are part of other distinct sexual paraphilias such as coprophilia faecesurophilia urinelactophilia breast milkmenohilia menstruated bloodand emetophilia vomit.

I reproduce it here but cannot vouch for the veracity of the information as there are no supporting references however, the information had good face validity which is why I thought I would include it in this blog :. Margarine is better than butter, for example, because butter and milk products stink on the skin. Alcohol and sugar products should be kept away from the vaginal area. Trash bags or dropcloths are usually placed on the floor, and shaved pubic hair is often a prerequisite. Wamming can be done with one sexual partner at a time or in orgy fashion, although most wammers prefer one partner at a time.

The Seattle-based journalist Dan Savage who used to have a newspaper column related to strange sexual behaviour and who Wet and messy fetishism mentioned in blogs on pregnancy fetishism and sexual urtication also briefly covered WAM-related sexual behaviour in a letter he was sent by one of his readers. The letter read:. When he does, a rhythmic slurping sound can soon be heard over the radio that he only turns up loud when he beats off. That will put a stop to his condiment abuse. I would be also interested to know what other fetishistic behaviours co-occur with sploshing e.

Caotes, B. Teachers naked women and beans. Halifax Evening Courier, February 4. Savage, D. Savage Love: With a Bang. The Stranger, September 9. Feb In a blog on sthenolagnia i. The Fetish House website is one of many websites that advertises erotic female wrestling services to potential paying customers presumably male but from what I saw they are happy for paying female customers also.

Wet and messy fetishism

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