Who sends nudes on kik

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Hi, I just turned 18 like a week ago, and was using this site called omegle, you chatrooms with random people and talk, some girl said she wanted to kik, we did, she asked for nudes, I sent like 2, one with my face in, she is 16 which is the age of consent where I am from in the uk. The kik is under a fake name and everything, she said she post them online, I told her that they were fake pics and that I was just trolling her, she didnt reply. Im not too bothered about the actual photo's, worst comes to worst she will post them online with my fake kik name, and nobody will care, because they are shitty quality nudes of a guy.

Sorry for the dumbassery of the post, this is quite literally the stupidest thing I have done in my life. Don't worry, you've got your whole life ahead of you to make bigger mistakes. In the meantime, stop sending nudes.

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Nothing good ever comes of a picture of your junk. It's even worse when you have a girlfriend named Mona and are drunk when you send. Yep, that's most probably illegal where you are. The odds of it being pursued are near non-existent.

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Oh, and if for some reason someone does contact you about these, the only words to leave your mouth should be "I will not speak without my attorney here". Well I mean, she is of the age of consent so I wouldnt have thought it was an issue. It's important to realize that the next step after saying that is to actually not speak until your attorney gets there. Words aren't magic, they aren't suddenly deaf and if you say something dumb they are allowed up on it. Sorry not sure why im being downvoted, on commends and on thread, I realize it was a stupid thing to do and that Im ignorant of the law, but thats why Im here and asking questions.

That just happens to OPs on this sub. Don't take it personally. Sent a nude on kik, am scared.

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Sorry, Mom. Continue this thread. Last time it will ever happen.

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Who sends nudes on kik

email: [email protected] - phone:(151) 986-9512 x 6578

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